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For all game lovers who just want to enjoy and have lots of fun, iViz3D brings Crazy Bubbles android game.

How to Play-
The aim of game is to collect as many points as possible by poking/destroying the air-borne bubbles.
To get points you need to destroy/burst all bubbles, if you miss then you lose points.
Different levels are there where bubbles will be coming from different directions and
some times there will be children who would like destroy bubble before you do, a bit challenging but have plenty of fun!


Features of the game-
*Bubbles movement simulation almost as like in the real world.
*Auto-burst bubble behaviour.
*Bubble burst sound.
*Fantastic Background Music.
*Different levels with increasing number of bubbles and obstructions.
*Device Back button to Exit the Game.
*Other games on offer.

It has entertainment, craziness, excitement, addictive and what not!

Believe me it is going to be one of your most favorite game on your devices.

We will love to get your reviews!

Download Crazy Bubbles android game from Google PlayStore. (com.iViz3D.CrazyBubbles)

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