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For all game lovers who love challenging board games and like to play simple but skillful games, iViz3D brings a challenging Crazy Home android game. Play with your friend or our AI Robot!

Join Dots to create Walls and make it a Home whenever possible. Own the maximum Homes to be the Winner!
Are you Ready for Challenge?

You can Play with your friend or if you are brave enough then you can play with our intelligent Robot!
Robot is powered by AI and makes intelligent move and would surprise you!


How to Play-
Each player has to draw a Horizontal or Vertical line. Simple! isn't it?
There are grids of dots (called as Poles), and Each player in turn has to draw the line (Called as Wall)
by joining the neighbouring dots. If the line forms a box (called as Home)then the player will own it and
gets an extra turn of Play. It is possible that Player will get more than one Home in his/her turn.
In no case, Player can pass the turn to other player. Once there is no more wall that can be created the game finishes
with the Player owning the maximum number of Homes as the Winner!

Don't give opportunity to your opponent to form a home in his/her next turn. If not possible, then try to give fewer Homes.

Levels- 3 levels to play! No time limit!

Visual Aspects-
Different Avatars for yourself or for your friends (Male/Female)!
Walls and Homes are created with same colour as that of the Player who made it.
The very last wall created has different colour. Player's turn switches automatically, so no more cheating ;)

It has entertainment, craziness, excitement, addictive and what not!

Believe me it is going to be one of your most favorite game on your devices.

We will love to get your reviews!

Download Crazy Home android game from Google PlayStore. (com.iViz3D.CrazyHome)

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