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The best number game to have fun with basic maths skill. Go crazy, go addictive!

For all game lovers who loves maths and like to play simple but skillful games but every time different crazy challenges.

Easy to Difficult level to suit everyone. Just arrange randomly placed 16 numbers sequentially. Left to right, top to bottom. Numbers can be swapped at its position just by moving a number over any other number. You have just 1 minute to finish as many challenges possible in any level. If it sounds simple and crazy then try it and you will know what you are missing. It is exciting and addictive.

Five levels to play:-
1st level - Positive numbers 1-16.
2nd level - Positive numbers 1-100.
3rd level - Positive and negative numbers.
4th level - Decimal numbers.
5th level - Roman numbers.

To move to the next level, you must finish at least one challenge set for each level.

Also it has Help button in the app which will launch Youtube video - How-To-Play tutorial.

Easy, isn't it? Yes, it has fun, craziness, excitement, addictive and what not! Believe me it is going to be one of your most favourite app on your devices.

We will love to get your reviews!

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