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For all game lovers who love action-packed entertainment and challenges, iViz3D brings Game of War android game.

The Enemy is trying to invade your country. They have sent fleet of War Planes/Bombers. You are the chief of command post on the battle-ground border. You have to defend your nation against this war.
Are you Ready for Challenge?

How to Play-
You have to shoot down Enemy's warplanes using Long and Medium range Missiles and/or Rockets loaded on the truck.
You get points when you shoot down any enemy warplane or any bombs dropped by them.
Enemy get points if their warplanes remain undamaged and also when any of your vehicle, missiles, army troops get destroyed.
Score more than your Enemy to Win the WAR!


Features of the game-
*Realistic missile, bombs, rockets, warplanes trajectory, speed and sizes.
*Realistic Sound-effect
*Game becomes increasingly more challenging as it progresses.
*Pause game at any time.
*Help video.

It has entertainment, craziness, excitement, addictive and what not!

Believe me it is going to be one of your most favorite WAR game on your devices.

We will love to get your reviews!

Download Game Of War android game from Google PlayStore. (com.iViz3D.GameOfWar)

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